Vulnerability Assessment is performed to discover security risks in the system in order to prevent the likelihood of a threat.

Security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities are present throughout organizations of all sizes. Any intrusions or breaches of critical systems, data, and applications will likely result in business-impacting consequences that have varying degrees of severity. With a solid security plan and evaluation, however, these risks can be identified and mitigated without impacting compliance and regulatory requirements.

SourcetekIT offers a comprehensive security assessment service that evaluates an organization’s current information security program and infrastructure. The assessment identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses and measures any risks associated with the organization’s current IT environment and security practices.

Assessment Features

  • Identify internal and external security gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Discover any areas of concern, including unpatched systems, open ports, and compliance violations
  • Find security bugs and loopholes that could potentially be used to harm your network
  • Verify network connections are secure, encrypted, and working as expected
  • Outline and develop an action plan to mitigate the identified risks and vulnerabilities
  • Approach and methodologies are based on industry standards and practices, such as the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA)


  • Periodic Network Vulnerability Assessment as a service
  • Deployment of Network Vulnerability Assessment Solutions
  • Compliance Reporting for Network Vulnerability Assessment


Understand the vulnerabilities in your network environment and what you need to target to eliminate the risks associated. Here are some of the top benefits of performing Vulnerability Assessment.

Assessing Security Investments

A personalized security plan based on the vulnerabilities and threats found in your network allows you to focus on your unique needs.

Safeguard the Reputation of your Company

Protect customer loyalty and brand image by proving your organization’s commitment to data privacy.

Avoid Financial Damage

Avoid excessive fees caused by network disturbances, negative brand image and press as well as other fees related to public breaches.

Adhere to Security Regulations

Frequent Pen-Tests keep your system up-to-date on the latest Cybersecurity practices and requirements.

Risk Management

Understand your network vulnerabilities and plan ahead and manage risk.

Protection of Clients and Third-parties

Avoid being subject to a breach and allowing hackers to exploit sensitive client data.

A Detailed Assessment

After the completion of the assessment a report will be provided which will include an executive summary, an overview of the assessment, results/findings and the mitigation recommendations.

"Think like a hacker : Discover how your systems welcome unauthorized users”

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