Forensic Service

SourcetekIT gives insights gained from front-line experience responding to the world’s most impactful threats.

SourcetekIT is one of the very few organizations with cybersecurity professionals with top-level security clearances (US Fed security clearance). This enables us to provide our clients with the highest level of confidence in performing security incident analysis and forensics.

Our Forensics and Investigation solutions give organizations everything they need to rapidly detect, triage, investigate, and minimize the impact of attacks. This includes providing attack context, infrastructure-wide visibility, codified expertise, rich intelligence, and insights gained from front-line experience responding to the world’s most impactful threats.


  • Quickly find the most relevant artifact evidence and use that as a starting point. Provide Incident Response to network intrusion and malware attacks.
  • Recover data from corporate-issued devices or cloud services. Report employee misconduct.
  • Simplify and expedite the memory analysis with volatility. Capture fraud by insiders misusing credentials to modify records.
  • Easily present the evidence to HR and legal stakeholders. Report IP theft with full history of the file.

When is Cyber Forensics needed

  • Help you ensure the overall integrity and survivability of your network infrastructure.
  • Avoid risk of destroying vital evidence or having forensic evidence ruled inadmissible in a court of law.
  • Can help save your organization money.
  • Identify, collect, preserve, and analyze data in a way that preserves the integrity of the evidence.


  • Policy and Procedure Development:

    establish strict procedures and guidelines that are to be followed when conducting the forensics investigation.

  • Assessment of Evidence:

    gaining a better understanding of the details; defining the types of evidence that is to be obtained, how it will be preserved, and the source.

  • Acquiring the Evidence:

    A detailed document of the specific details about the hardware, software and systems being investigated along with all the resources utilized in the process etc..

  • Examination:

    Investigators use a variety of methods to perform an analysis. Some of which include; analyzing file names, determining when and where data was created, and connecting files on storage devices to online transfers.

  • Documentation and Reports:

    Document summary on the process in which this investigation was conducted, highlighting the crucial points of interest. It will also provide how the policies and procedures were followed throughout, how the evidence was protected, the methods used and most importantly the outcome of the analysis.

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