SourcetekIT’s team of leading professionals test the effectiveness of an organization’s security.

A Penetration test (Pen-test) is a procedure to assess the security of an IT foundation by securely attempting to misuse its vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in working frameworks, administrations, operating systems and application blemishes, inappropriate arrangements or dangerous end-client conduct. Such evaluations are helpful in approving the proper function of protective components and, end-client adherence to security arrangements.

SourcetekIT’s team of leading Pen-testers test the effectiveness of an organization’s security. This is accomplished by emulating the behaviors and techniques of possible attackers in the most realistic way possible.

How it’s Done?

  • Planning & Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Analysis & Reporting

When to do a Pen testing

  • When installing a new end-user program/policy
  • Office Relocation
  • System updated with new software installed
  • Addition of new network infrastructure
  • Discovery of new attacks & hacking attempts


Understand the vulnerabilities in your network environment and what you need to target and eliminate the risks associated. Here are some of the benefits of performing penetration testing.

Assessing Security Investments

A personalized security plan based on the vulnerabilities and threats found in your network allow you to focus on your unique needs.

Safeguard the Reputation of your Company

Protect customer loyalty and brand image by proving the organization’s commitment to data privacy.

Avoid Financial Damage

Avoid excessive fees caused by network disturbances, negative brand image and press as well as other fees related to public breaches.

Adhere to Security Regulations

Frequent Pen-Tests keep your system up-to-date on the latest Cybersecurity practices and requirements.

Risk Management

Understand your network vulnerabilities and plan ahead to manage risk.

Protection of Clients and Third-parties

Avoid being subject to breaches and allowing hackers to exploit sensitive client data.

A Comprehensive Report

The final report will outline detailed findings with all the required information to be shared back to your executive team. This report will detail the assessed scope, identified vulnerabilities, remediation recommendations and more.

"Think like a hacker : Discover how your systems welcome unauthorized users”

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