Data Center

Data Centre Management requires three layers. First we screen and picture the subtle elements and exercises over all frameworks and areas. Next, break down how to use the data focus all the more productively to spare vitality and space or increment the use of existing hardware. At long last, computerize the activity layer, which takes into consideration synchronized management over the storehouses of office, IT equipment, systems, and applications.

A similar three-layer approach must be extended additionally over various data focuses, a presumable situation in any association with a requirement for multi-site access. At this level, more extensive coordination and power utilities that serve and associate every datum focus must be incorporated with the management of every datum focus. On the off chance that a power or system blackout impacts one specific site or application stack, it benefits the data focus director to have the capacity to switch that stack flawlessly to another data focus or even over various data focuses. An incorporated, all encompassing data focus management system empowers this sort of readiness.

Ensuring the integrity of your confidential data is a comfort that comes with colocating your servers. Our Tier 4 facility boasts a robust infrastructure that can run seamlessly on battery, withstanding power surges and blackouts, and in case of prolonged power outages, our diesel-powered backup generator can keep your servers running uninterruptedly. Our data center is under video surveillance and there is no unescorted access to the servers. All physical maintenance is performed by our trained technicians so you don’t have to worry about an unauthorized user tampering with your data.

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